“There is no way that our daughter or our family would be where we are without Whatcom Center for Early Learning.”

"If it weren't for the Whatcom Center for Early Learning, I would not have the confidence or knowledge as a first time mother that I do today."


We offer four different programs for both parents and children. These programs offer a variety of services to help children with and without disabilities socialize, learn, and have fun!

Our team of specialists have expertise in a variety of areas, trained to assist children with disabilities to overcome the obstacles they face and help them learn, grow, and play in a healthy and effective way.

"The care at the Whatcom Center for Early Learning has far exceeded the care that we received at another local, private practice.”

"I love it when you come to our house because it helps me see the world as my son sees it."

"It has been amazing. It has all worked out magnificently to give our child the best start possible. We now have a plan and direction for her future."