"We love you guys for all you've done for our family.  We only wish we could stick around longer! Thank you for all the amazing support!"

About the Program

This playgroup is for children and families who receive Early Intervention services at Whatcom Center for Early Learning. These classes meet throughout the year except holidays and closure weeks. During the summer we meet at the center or at parks on alternate weeks. Our goal is to provide socialization and play opportunities that are fun and interesting for children and their caregivers. We offer a wide range of activities for parents to enjoy with their child in all areas of development. Watching parents playing with their children reminds us of the saying “when a parent plays with their child they are the best toy in the room.”

"Watching our son at playgroup has been our biggest change and accomplishment. His shyness has almost vanished! He is also eager to show mom and dad the routine.  He always knows and looks forward to attending. Hooray for social skills!"

"Our favorite part was the group interaction and a chance for practice in a classroom setting. The various art/motor stimulation activities were fabulous!"