"The excellent staff modeled great adult-child interactions for me. It was an environment that seems to have room for all children, whatever their gifts or their challenges."

"We especially liked the pace of the class - lots of free play with some structure built in. We enjoyed the wide variety of projects and friendly staff who are respectful of kids' space and different personalities. It's a great toddler environment!"

"I liked talking with Sue.... and watching my son get more and more familiar with the class and confident in his exploring! We loved the variety of things to do both inside and outside."

"I loved the interaction between the teachers and children and the variety of different sensory experiences, cars/painting/water activities as well as social time with other children, consistency of the class structure, and the fantastic play yard!"

"I love that the activities are flexible and based on supporting the child's exploration. It was a great opportunity to play with a familiar group of kids each week."

About the Program

Our Sensational Toddler classes meet weekly for 8 weeks every quarter from 10-11:30 AM at both the “Big Blue House” and the “Little Brick House.” We welcome all children ages 18-36 months to Sensational Toddlers. These classes are designed to encourage toddlers to experiment and explore with all their senses. Each week we offer new opportunities for discovery, motor, sensory play such as painting and play dough, imaginative play, water play and big body play. There are plenty of opportunities to promote self-expression, creativity and socialization skills like turn taking and cooperative play. Parents register for this class through Bellingham Parks and Recreation through their Leisure Guide. Parents can expect to pay a tuition fee. There may be scholarships available.

"We are doing various activities all over town and this is by far our favorite! Thank you!"

"I liked the fact that you allowed kids to be kids. There are few limits placed on the kids, which at their age I think is appropriate. Kids should definitely have limits at all ages, but having a place to go each week where they can just play is great! I enjoy all aspects of the class. Every child should get this same experience."

"I loved the one-on-one time with my son and great mix of indoor and outdoor activities. It was lot of fun to be here as a parent and my son had a blast!"