"Keep doing what you are doing at WCEL. You provide an amazing support to families. Thank you for all that you did to help our little girl out."

“I have noticed such a change (positive) in my youngest.  She is out of her shell and so much more confident.”

“We love the flexibility to do what the children are interested in and there is always something new and different to do!”

About the Program

Our largest program, Early Intervention serves children ages birth to three and their families.  These children have been evaluated and found to have delays of 25% or greater in one or more areas of development.  We utilize a research based service delivery model that is referred to as the "Primary Service Provider" (PSP) approach.  

The PSP model assigns a single WCEL specialist as the primary service provider (PSP) to the child based on family priorities and the child's developmental needs.  Our team of PSPs is composed of speech language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, and early education specialists.  They offer support with feeding, motor and speech development, and behavior strategies to assist with daily challenges and developmental growth.  Each family is also assigned a Family Resources Coordinator to support coordination and planning, and assisting the family to access resources as needed.  Additionally, the PSP receives input and support from the entire WCEL team, and joint consultation with a PSP of another discipline is available as needed.

Research shows significant outcomes for children in early intervention programs when a family centered approach, such as PSP, is used.  It also shows that supporting the child and family's interests, routines, rituals, and priorities promotes a child's existing abilities and learning in environments where they spend a majority of their time and are most comfortable.  This PSP approach employs 'coaching' as the process and style of interaction used by our staff to build the capacity of family members and other important care providers to promote learning and development in ways that are unique to each family and child.

Children enrolled in our Early Intervention Program are also invited to join our WCEL Friends Playgroup